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Monday, September 6

1:00pm CEST

Access vs. Ownership

"Ownership is not as important as it once was. Very likely, in the near future, I won’t “own” any music, or books, or movies. Instead I will have immediate access to all music, all books, all movies using an always-on service, via a subscription fee or tax. I won’t buy – as in make a decision to own — any individual music or books because I can simply request to see or hear them on demand from the stream of ALL. I may pay for them in bulk but I won’t own them. The request to enjoy a work is thus separated from the more complicated choice of whether I want to “own” it. I can consume a movie, music or book without having to decide or follow up on ownership"[Quote: Kevin Kelly]

Is this really where we are heading to? And when?  The reality right now is, when we leave our wifi zone, we need to go back to listen to the stuff we own, we bought or just simple: we have stored on our harddrives / CD's.  How long will it take until we could get anything from the cloud?  What is the state of the art? In this session its not about ranting about GEMA or majors. Of course, it's important to show the current status. But we would like to give a more wider future perspective and to show the effect of streaming possibilities to overall sales (360° models).The discussion should also include the "utopia" of selling products with other models like micropayment and pay where you want and how you want on every platform. Thesis: We would spend much more money if we just had the possibility.

Monday September 6, 2010 1:00pm - 2:30pm CEST
Kulturbrauerei - MASCHINENHAUS Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin, Germany

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